Penny Stock EGGHEAD Review
Is The Penny Stock Egghead Too Good To Be True? Get The Facts!

Hi! My name is Ernest and before I start my Penny Stock Egghead Review I want to clarify two things you are probably most interested in:
Penny Stock Egghead Is NOT A Scam
Penny Stock Egghead WORKS. Of course it is not a MAGIC WEAPON.. but well.. ALMOST! I have been a member for 4 months now and there have been ups and downs. However, I already made some nice cash, so I definitely do not regret becoming a member of Penny Stock Egghead.
Based on the Penny Stock Egghead's recommendation, I positioned myself into WMNS at an average price of $.098. In a little over a week, my investment realized a gain of just over $1k, or a realized profit of 36%. This is just ONE EXAMPLE!
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But now let's start with my Penny Stock Egghead Review! First of all let me explain what Penny Stock is all about:
What Is Penny Stock Egghead All About?

The Penny Stock Egghead is a nickname for Nathan Gold, an expert in penny stock trading. He is the founder of the One-Trade-A-Week Club. As a member of this club, you'll get access to Nathan's stock pick newsletter and learn how to earn a fortune by making one very smart trade every week. It's definitely possible to turn just $200 into some serious cash – even hundreds of thousands of dollars over several months of methodical trading

Why Is Investing In Penny Stocks a Great Way To Make Money?

May be you have not traded penny stocks before and now you wonder why you should invest in penny stocks instead of "large caps". Since 2000 many people lost a lot of money with "large caps". However,  during this same period, there are some smart fellows who are making gains of 136% and over 400% by investing in dirt-cheap penny stocks!

       Imagine if you had bought shares of Dell, Walmart, or Microsoft earlier on when they first started -  Don't you think your life would be different now?
Who Is Nathan Gold?
Nathan Gold is the founder of Penny Stock Egghead. He bolted from an unknown teenage Math Whiz to A Wealth Maker for a rapid growing number of subscribers. Nathan Gold is one of the most highly experienced and successful investor's in the penny stock business. He has become an expert at picking penny stocks just before they breakout, and he earns extra income by sharing his picks with his subscribers.

How Will The Penny Stock Egghead Nathan Gold Help You To Make Money?

When becoming a member of the Penny Stock Egghead you will be sent a weekly newsletter, in which you are told which penny stocks to buy and which to sell.

Nathan Gold spends almost 24 hours a day analyzing the penny stock market, calculating whether purchasing certain stock in the current week will earn a lot of money or not. Penny Stock Egghead launched around 1 year ago and since then Nathan's predictions have been right about 90% of the time. He also makes sure that he recommends you the cheapest stocks to buy, but still will give you the highest profit. The newsletter is not the average newsletter, you won't be bombarded just with names and numbers. You will get a detailed explanation WHY you should buy a particular stock. Even if you are an absolute beginner you will be able to follow Nathans recommendations and instructions. This is what makes the Penny Stock Egghead perfect for newbies. But don't get me wrong: even if you have some knowledge in trading penny stocks, Nathan's picks will be highly valuable and profitable for you.

One Trade A Week

Another thing that makes the Penny Stock Prophet very special is the methodology taught. Nathan's strategy is to turn one low investment of e.g. $100 into $1000s FAST by just doing ONE VERY SMART TRADE PER WEEK. So right, you do not have to spend several hours per day making money in trading penny stocks. You only need to do ONE trade a week! - Note: On the Penny Stock Egghead website Nathan explains the steps involved turning $1000 into $5.7 Million in just 5 steps. This is just an example and in fact you can start with any investment. So you definitely won't need $1000 to get started. $100 will work just fine  - of course it will take longer and more trades to turn your $100 into 1 million dollars... but I guess you are aware of this :-)

To see Nathan's example and his explanation on how you can turn $1000 into $5.7

Let Me Give You An Example Of A Stock Nathan Recommended In One Of His Newsletters:

One week Nathan recommended Inca Designs, Inc, because some of their swim suits has just been in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. So what happened within some days? The stock skyrocketed! People who invested several hundred dollars multiplied their initial investment within some days. Following Nathan's advice, they took the profits and REINVESTED in next week's recommended penny stock.... and again... made a HUGE profit. This is the way how to turn a small investment into serious money fast.

Nathan's Predictions Are 90% Right!

As mentioned before Nathan's predictions are 90% right!

Here are some examples:

Released UFFC on Nov 11th at $.10 before it ran to 70% higher within three weeks.
Released ABOT on Feb 17th at $.0273 before it ran to 53% higher within one week.
Released GRO on Aug 12th at $.70 before it ran to $1.92 for a 175% gain.
Released OCTI on Aug 19th at $.0151 before it ran to $.065 for a 330% gain
Released AXTG on March 10th at $.75 before it ran to $3.47 for a 362% gain.

Are You Still Sceptical?

If you are still skeptical, I can understand since there are so many scammers on the internet. And this is why Nathan is providing a 8-week trading test-drive without risking a single cent.

If after 8 weeks, you are not happy with the earnings you are acquiring from the penny stocks hand picked by Nathan, you will get back the funding for penny stock egghead with no questions asked.

Why You Should Join Penny Stock Egghead
  • There are no recurrent monthly charges.You only need to pay the subscription fee on the first time of your subscription.
  • You can take a 8 week test drive and will get a full refund with no question asked
  • There is a real possibility of turning a small weekly investment into an exponential profit.
  • Nathan’s provides evidence and analysis of his penny stock pick. You are not “left in the dark”. You will exactly know why a penny stock pick is HOT and why you should buy it.
  • No stock trading experience needed at all
  • You can start with a minimal investment
  • Penny stocks are affordable. You can buy shares for around $0.01 or less most of the time. The maximum price is $5 per share. That’s why in case you lost one week, there is no significant loss.
  • There is no complicated trading jargon to get familiar with
  • Downloadable quick start guide to help you get a feel for stocks and what you should look into trading.

Penny Stock Egghead Review Conclusion

So do I recommend Penny Stock Egghead? Yes, I DO! The truth is that if you follow the Penny Stock Egghead program you have a better chance of big success than you ever could have by doing the work on your own. Honestly, can it get any better?! A penny stock guru is taking you by the hand and telling you exactly what stocks to buy?A guru whose predictions are right 90% of the time? No, it can't get better and easier than that. When you consider the money back offer it means it’s a no-brainer: